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    Revealing beauty

    This Website sets out to reveal some of Mother Nature’s hidden secrets which are now emerging through photographs. 


    For a few years now, people have been capturing strange forms in water, air, fire… forms of faces, creatures from another world, another dimension

    We call these intelligences "Emanants" ("Shy" in English), like something emanating… to show us that other worlds do exist, even if we cannot actually see them with our material eyes. 

    The pictures on the site were sent in by people interested in the subject, and leave no doubt as to the question of whether or not it is "true". 

    Anybody can take such photographs, while trekking in the mountains, standing close to a river, walking in the rain, the snow, or just about anywhere… 

    Some may say "It’s just an illusion, an optical trick". Others "What is it? I don’t understand. I didn’t see anything when I took the picture, and now there’s something on it!

    We can also take strange pictures of something unusual on a rock, or a flower… looking like a man or an animal, but these are not "Emanants", more "anthropomorphic" images. But that’s fine too! 

    Let’s keep our "eyes" wide open and our spirit alert if we want to communicate with these "elementals", who seem to be looking for an exchange that will span both our worlds. 

    It’s time for us to open up the eyes of our consciousness, to push ahead along the path of our existence and help Mother Earth in her transformation. 

    Our heart-based thanks for your interest in this Website, and we look forward to receiving your photos!